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Garmin VivoFit mini review

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Well, I actually returned the Garmin VivoFit I had last night. I liked it for the most part, but it didn't feel 'worth it' ultimately. Here are my brief thoughts:
- very comfortable
- band comes loose very easily, giving me the feeling like I'd probably lose the thing eventually
- love that you don't have to charge it
- the 'lazy meter' fills up really fast. I guess that's a good thing, but for me it was staying full most of the day
- nearly impossible to read screen at night or in dark room, no backlight
- the Garmin App is really lacking compared to the competition
- you have to sync manually, which isn't a huge deal, but the price point of the device made that sting a little

In the end, it was too expensive for what it was. The entire thing felt like it shouldn't have cost more than $100, if even that. I like the idea of it more than the actual device.


Fitbit Flex mini review

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I had a fitbit flex for 2 days. Not what I wanted, but here are my brief thoughts:
- very comfortable
- did quite a bit of tracking, probably the most of any fitness band out
- needed a screen very badly. I hated wearing something that didn't provide info on my wrist
- loved the silent alarms feature
- the companion app is pretty good, but I couldn't find a way to see friend stats for comparison from it

The bottom line was that I need a watch on something I wear on my wrist at the very least. Decided not to keep it for that reason. The fitbit force (which has a tiny screen) might come back out later on, but who knows.

Bama 2014 for iOS 3.1

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I updated Bama 2014 for iOS to include a searchable roster, thanks to @joescii. The app is 'in review' right now, so maybe it will get approved today sometime. Here's a screenshot of the new section:


It's a free download on iOS:


Doorway Photography

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I've got a thing for doors, especially on old buildings or abandoned places. I've started trekking around where I live to start getting photos of cool old doorways. I'll be posting them on my once-dead tumblr account here and there as I get time to find them. There's a link to the left and the address is


Android 4.4.4 on Galaxy Nexus

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Got Android 4.4.4 running on a Galaxy Nexus. Sweet upgrade, best version of Android yet as far as I can tell. Ran into a few problems after the flash though, including some notification issues and home button not working. The fix was easy though, in my case. Just run the setup wizard again from adb. Command:

adb shell am start -n