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Network Stats for January 2015

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Last month, I posted about the creation of the Firestream Network of gaming websites. Part of the goal of the network is to start sharing traffic around each site I build / maintain as well as see growth on each site. January was a good month for each site, with increases in page views, sessions and unique visitor counts across the board:

Here are the stats for December 2015 and January 2015:

December 2014
Total Unique Visitors: 18,843
Total Page Views: 117,883
Total Sessions: 35,420

January 2015
Total Unique Visitors: 22,730 (20.63% increase)
Total Page Views: 155,780 (32.15% increase)
Total Sessions: 39,174 (11.16% increase)

Most active site: with 125k page views by 12k unique visitors

Advertising Stats
Advertising banners have only been running for 11 days at this point. 9 different banners have run for a combined 116,360 views and 622 clicks.


Firestream Gaming Banner Ads

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We are now offering banners ads across all sites in the Firestream Gaming Network. The introductory price is only $10 per banner per month. This price is effective through the end of February, so act fast!

Price: $10 per banner per month or $100 per banner per year

Sites banners appear on: - Game Stats & Tools for many popular games - Browser based Halo MMORPG - Browser based Space MMORPG - Days till DLC, sequels, etc - Days till Halo 5 Guardians - Days till next Alabama Football Season - Network Hub site and developer blog - FFXIV Signature Generator - Stat Tracker Destiny for iOS promo site

Network Traffic and Stats per month:
For the month of December 2014, sites in the network were visited over 50,000 times by 10,000 unique visitors.

You will be provided a special address to track your banner views and clicks per day. If you are interested in buying banners across the Firestream Gaming Network, please contact us!


Firestream Gaming Network

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In order to get organized, I've decided to get my main project sites under the same umbrella called the Firestream Gaming Network! Each of my sites has a little FS icon up in the top-right now with a menu to quickly jump between them. The next step will be to redo my blog here to better fit into the mold I envision.

So for now, you're looking at my development blog, but in the future, who knows!